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stage lighting truss systems 520x760mm

brief introduction:

stage lighting truss systems 520x760mm


520x760mm heavy duty truss

Product Description:

Aluminum alloy truss is also called stage lighting truss system. Generally, it is a combination of aluminum material 6082-T6 after cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other treatments. 

Product Detail: 

Stage lighting truss systems 520x760mm heavy duty truss is widely used in performance exhibitions as a big span beam to hang lights, and other event celebrations, background layout, lighting and sound hanging systems. 

520x760 stage truss


• Good loading capacity in indoor and outdoor performance

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Secure Conical Connection System For fast-up Setup

• Tapered Pins For Easy assemble

• High Tensile Strength For Enhanced Durability

• Low Maintenance

• Long Lasting When Used Within Load Specifications

• Certified And Inspected To Meet High Safety Standards



Aluminum Alloy 6082-T 6



Main tubes

50 x 4 mm

Sub-Main tube

50 x 2 mm


25 x 2 mm

Connection type

Spigot Connection


Silver , black or customized

HS Code


Length and Weight:



100 cm

17.7 kg

200 cm

28.1 kg

300 cm

39.5 kg


A complete set of Stage lighting truss systems: mainly composed of Stage lighting truss systems of different lengths and different specifications, base, reverse head, diagonal support, square sleeve, cross arm, hoist, sling. Build a combination. 

Base : Can be divided into two kinds of iron and aluminum base. Mainly used for ground stabilization.

Hinge section: It is used when the building height is high, and the effect of raising a  height can be achieved by turning the head.

Diagonal support/ outrigger :Used to support the stability of the entire system of aluminum alloy truss.

Sleeve Block: The height of the beam can be easily adjusted through the square sleeve.

Top Piece: At the very top of the truss, it is mainly used for hanging the hoist.

Hoist :It can be divided into two types: hand-held and electric hoist, which are used to lift aluminum alloy truss.

Sling: The link between the hoist and the aluminum alloy truss

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