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i beam lighting ladder truss

brief introduction:


i beam lighting ladder truss

i beam lighting ladder truss 50 x 290mm with bracing:

I beam Ladder Truss is aluminum alloy with main tubes and bracing. and connected with conical couple system and it can be assembled in vertical or horizontal position.It can be straight, curved and circular and usually adapted forDJ Lighting Truss Booth Stand. 


  1. Quick and easy to install
  2. Modular and versatile for roof reinforcement and hire
  3. Powder coating or anodizing to be any color on request
  4. Free design by us
  5. Lightweight for ladder framing between trusses or ending truss ladder construction


Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6 / 6082-T 6
Types Ladder 
Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Braces 25 x 2 mm
Connection type Conical couple system

Length and weight:

Length Weight
50 cm 1.95 kg
100 cm 3 kg
150 cm 4.05 kg
200 cm 5.1 kg
250 cm 6.15 kg
300 cm 7.2 kg
Other length can be custom on request.


This ITSC-CL29 is commonly applied in Event Technology Trade Fair Construction, Ship Fitting and Ceiling heights, Night Club,Truss DJ system for decoration or Stage Lighting Fixtures, ect. 

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