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Aluminum Lightweight Triangular Lighting Truss

brief introduction:


Aluminum Lightweight Triangular Lighting Truss

Aluminum Lightweight Triangular  Lighting Truss:

This Tri Light Truss  offers a Longer Span and heavier lifting capacity compared with ITSC-CL29 Ladder Truss It can be customized to be curved and circular on request. When combined with its related blocks and different corners, it can be installed to be all kinds of Architecture Structure for decoration and rexhibition booths. 


  1. Long Span and heavy capacity
  2. lower volume to transport 
  3. And requirement free design available
  4. Powder coating or anodizing to be any color on request
  5. Factory price only


Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6
Dimensions 290 x 290 mm
Types Triangular
Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Braces 25 x 2 mm
Connection type Conical couple system

Length and Weight:

Length Weight
50 cm 3.5 kg
100 cm 5.8 kg
150 cm 8.1 kg
200 cm 9.5 kg
250 cm 11.2 kg
300 cm 12.9 kg

Other length can be custom on request.


This Aluminum Triangle truss is commonly applied in  architecture decoration structure, exhibition booths, gantry, ed.


It will fail to install the Truss Ground Support due to its triangle shape.

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