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8ft Dia Round Stage with 4x4ft Aluminum Portable Stage Kits

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8ft Dia Round Stage with 4x4ft Aluminum Portable Stage Kits

8ft Dia Round Stage with 4x4ft Aluminum Portable Stage Kit:

This Rounding Stage  is based on lightweight small stage deck 4x4ft. It is equipped with aluminum frame for school and wedding hire. The height can be adjustable from 2-6.5ft hight. The braces are connected to the legs with a standard 4-way corner by means of a single pin. Due to the round stage deck is firmly fixed inside the frame, it will not topple over. You only need one worker to build the  portable stage pieces! After positioning, the whole stage is stable and will not topple over. 


  1. DIY and easy to install
  2. Any Diameter is customized
  3. Mini dimension only 8x8ft for wedding or car shows
  4. Easy to move and store without taking much space


Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6
Stage Deck 4 x 4 ft(1.22 x 1.22 m )


Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Stage Topping 18 mm plywood, anti-slip, waterproof
Self-weight 49 kg /pcs
0.2m3 /pcs 

900kg /m2


This Small Round Stage is commonly combined with truss stage roof for temporary indoor and outdoor wedding parties for your marriage. if you install them correctly, the whole Round Stage Platform can work as ballast for the roof.


Its maximum height is suggested to be within 6.5 ft (2 m ). If you are supposed to install Portable Staging System to be more than that height, we recommend you our Truss Stage Systems or Steel Deck Stage

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