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40 professional Tunnel Roof lighitng Trusses Systems cheap

brief introduction:


40 professional Tunnel Roof lighitng Trusses Systems cheap

System description:

This 40x30ft Span Tunnel Roof Truss System is setup with ITSC-BS30.  It is standard packages. It is modular and versatile. With bolt connection, it is Cheap at price. Besides, its depth can be extended any length as you need.


  1. Just install the system with your standard ITSC-BS30 in stock.
  2. Spigot connection make your installation much easier and quicker
  3. Coating power to be black is available


Main grid 300x300mm square truss
Dimensions 40x30ft
Loading capacity 50-100kg/m
Total weight Approx.880kg
Transporation volume 24m3
Max. wind speed 26m/s


  1. Product presentations
  2. Theatre shows, musicals and operas
  3. Concerts, festivals and fairgrounds
  4. Exhibitioins and trade shows
  5. Celebrations and parties
  6. Conventions and larg-scale meetings

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