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40 foot Flat Roof Trusses kits with lights

brief introduction:


40 foot Flat Roof Trusses kits with lights

System description:

This 40ft x 40ft Flat Roof Stage Truss is based on Standard Truss ITSC-CS39  as beam and ITSC-CS29 as pillars with soundwings goalpost at left and right sides. Exhibit truss kits are modular and versatile. It is quick and easy to assemble, saving building time and labour cost. Besides, you can also extend it to be Pyramid roofArc Roof,ect. 


  1. Just install the system with your standard ITSC-CS39 and ITSC-CS29 in stock
  2. Spigot connection make your installation much easier and quicker
  3. Coating power to be black is available


Towers 290x290mm Spigot truss
Main grid 390x390mm medium duty truss
Dimensions 40x40ft
Loading capacity 5440kg 
Total weight 1550kg
Transportation volume 16m3
Max. wind speed 27m/s


  1. Product presentations
  2. Theater shows, musicals and operas
  3. Concerts, festivals and fairgrounds
  4. Exhibitions and trade shows
  5. Celebrations and parties
  6. Conventions and large-scale meetings

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