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4 x 8 ft Portable Steel Folding stage

brief introduction:


4 x 8 ft Portable Steel Folding stage

4 x 8 ft Portable Folding Stage Platform:

This Portable Folding Stage is supported with Sprayed-Steel frame and plywood topping. Modular stage is strong,  safe, collapsible and movable with wheels. Due to its heavy weight, the carpet is usually placed on the top to make it classic looking and anti-slip. 2 dimensions available: 4 x 8 ft and 6 x 8 ft. You can choose any options according to the event theme.


Dimensions 4 x 8 ft ( 1.22 x 2.44 m)
Material  Steel
Height Adjustable from 1.3 ft - 2 ft - 3.2 ft (410- 610-810 mm  ); 
Collapsible dimensions 550 mm width  x 1530 mm Height
Capacity 500kg/m2

Frame Structure:

The Folding Stage Platform is constructed with Q235 galvanized tubes, supporting tube dimension is 40*20*1.3mm, edge is 2mm thick aluminum angle.

Folding Stage Platform Frame

folding stage

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