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4 tiers Aluminum Portable Band Drum Stage Riser

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4 tiers Aluminum Portable Band Drum Stage Riser

4 tiers aluminum topping lightweight portable choral risers  ITSC-SR03:


Looking for a Lightweight Portable stage steps Choral Risers for School choir? This 4 Tier stage risers would be your best option due to its classic aluminum topping, safe, easy to setup, lightweight and no need any tools, super stable, strong, durable, long-life lasting, and good for performance. You can set up any size according to the space. 


  1. Stage on wheels and easy to move
  2. Aluminum frame and lightweight for choral risers
  3. Every riser with 4 tiers holding 12-16 people
  4. Guardrail also available on request
  5. Top grade aluminum topping


Usually people would have the 3 and 4 tiers risers, and 2 and 5 tiers are customized. In order to keep safe, we do not recommend your risers more than 5 tiers on the structure. If you need the risers to be more than 5 tiers, you can choose our Ring lock Scaffolding Seating systems which is for big audience.

Just to put risers together, and you can have any dimensions of whole Choral Risers System easily.

portable stage steps

This Aluminum Topping Choir Risers are the most hot-sale in the market.

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